About Us

Why Lingerie?  Lingerie is my PASSION.

What compelled me to start KataLinda was a lifelong love for lingerie.  While opening the flagship store for one of North America’s top premium lingerie retailers I fell in love with lingerie, with its power to impact a woman's psyche.  Watching their reaction and the impact it had when they found the right fit and right lingerie pieces. What a difference I see in my clients when they are wearing the right piece! It changes their day.  It takes their confidence to a whole new level!

Time after time women came in to see me because they felt defeated that their current lingerie was outdated, didn’t fit, or just wasn’t sexy enough. Because I was able to find pieces that captivated their taste and complemented their body shape they would leave feeling beautiful, sexy and most importantly confident!

What you see here is a selection of pieces I have personally selected as tasteful, classy, sexy and great value. In addition, I have included curvy pieces to our collection as we all deserve clothes that fit our lifestyles and bodies.  Clothes that make us feel and look great!

With Love,