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Love Your Lingerie – Simple Care Guidelines

Wash it like you love it!

To ensure your precious lingerie lasts, it’s important to care for it when you’re not wearing it.  The question we get most often is how to care for your delicate pieces.

The sensual fabrics need to be treated differently to other laundry fabrics. So what is necessary for extending the life of your lingerie?  First, Please always read the labels on your lingerie. Manufacturers know their product better than anyone else, so their advice should be considered. If it says hand wash only, believe them!  There’s a reason for it. While most lingerie items are hand wash only, for drying you may discover that some fabrics can handle the tumbling from the machine. While this is a time saver, it is not something we generally recommend.  Consider this: If your delicates do get to hang out, very few complain at the sight of their loved one’s gorgeous lingerie. After all, it builds excitement for the next time it’s worn!


First time’s the Charm! – When you first get it home.

We recommend that you wash your new lingerie in your favourite delicate detergent so it’s fresh and perfectly laundered for you. This rids the pieces of any residue in manufacturing, handling, and shipping.


New or worn, here are the steps we recommend to keep your favorite pieces at their best;

Step 1 – Sort your items

Keep your lingerie colours (light and dark) separate as a basic rule; avoid lazily lumping them together to prevent tears when you see your pure white lace turning to an antique rust colour.  Darker fabrics will always wash over into the lighter fabrics.


Step 2 – Removing and preventing stains

Don’t forget to remove any loose buckles or items not belonging in the lingerie wash. This will prevent rust spots from forming on your delicate lingerie. Where you find stains, wash padded areas carefully.  Gently work stained areas with a wet bar of soap or your gentle detergent.


Step 3 – Time to get handy

Start with cool to warm water.


Add two capfuls of your delicate detergent to the basin. (I have even used hair conditioner when I can’t find proper gentle detergent).


Submerge your items and gently agitate the water with your hands to evenly distribute the detergent.


Soak your garments for no more than ½ hour. Pay extra attention to washing the areas on your lingerie prone to sweat. Be sure to wash these areas a little more to avoid sensitivity the next time you wear your lingerie.


Do not squish the bra or padding while washing as it may alter the cup shape. Apply gentle yet firm pressure. Never twist or wring out your delicate pieces. Place the cup of your bra in the centre of one palm and use your fist from your other hand to press against the cup, this will drain out the water without altering the cup shape.


It is very important to rinse away the detergent thoroughly.  Most people do not pay enough attention to this step. Leaving detergent unrinsed weakens the fibers of the material and shortens the longevity of your lingerie..


Step 4 – Hang dry or lay down

Hang up your lingerie to dry if possible, or lay flat in its natural shape on a drying rack.


Again – heed the manufacturer’s instructions here. If it advises to not use a dryer, then DON’T!  The reason being that the heat will reduce the fabric elasticity.


To remove wrinkles, skip the iron and use a steamer


Step 5 – The perfect fit

Store your bras standing up in a drawer in the original shape to preserve its shape and style. Best advice is to be gentle with your lingerie and it will be there for you much longer.


Step 6 – No instructions?

If you do not have the manufacturer’s instructions to guide you, you will likely not go wrong with the following:


Most lingerie is made of delicate fabrics such as lace; they should be hand washed in cold water with mild soap or I have even used hair conditioner.


Remember to fasten snaps, clasps, and buttons while doing this to avoid snagging or tearing of delicate fabric. Give it a good rinse then hang or lay to dry.  Avoid using the dryer unless stated on the label. If you don’t have instructions, you won’t know if the manufacturer warns against using the dryer. Safest bet is to assume “not” and hang or lay flat to dry.


I know what you’re thinking… “Who has time to hand wash all this lingerie???”  It may sound exhausting if you have a lot of lingerie and you may not find the time. You could try using the washing machine on a delicate cycle with cold water (be sure to not use hot water!).   My advice: if you are not going to invest in the time to hand wash, then invest in a lingerie bag. They are a great way to avoid your lingerie items getting snagged or caught up in the washing machine.  


Once done, as described in “Step 4”, hang or lay to dry.


Silk: It’s special, so treat it that way!  


Now, silk is known as one of the most delicate fabrics and is very sensitive to detergents. So make sure to use a mild detergent or (hair conditioner is my preference) There are silk specific washes on the market and definitely worth investing in.


Let the lingerie sit in warm water for a few minutes (5 minutes) and rinse with cold water.


Place the lingerie flat on a towel and let it dry. Keep in mind that silk is very fragile so it is important to follow these guidelines:

Never scrub or wring silk

Avoid wearing silk in direct sunlight, it tends to fade easily

Never clean just a spot with water-clean the entire garment

Lastly, never spray perfume directly on silk, it may stain it.


Enjoy your lingerie today, tomorrow, always

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