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A little about me..........I am Maria Valencia, the owner of KataLinda Co. My mission is to help all women embrace their bodies, love themselves and feel confident.

As a little girl growing up in El Salvador I always looked up to my mom, Adoring her strength, seeing her beauty and seeking comfort in her confidence. I still feel it today and want to help all women know they're beautiful. Too often we are comparing ourselves and envying others - it’s important to always know someone is also wishing to be like you so please love yourself today, tomorrow, always.

As a young lady the transition from El Salvador, speaking only Spanish, to Canada and having to learn English at 11 was one big part in finding my confidence and learning I could put my mind to anything if I believed in myself. We can grow and change at any age.

Of my 20 years in retail, the most memorable and fulfilling job was working for one of the top North American retailers. With them, I launched their Lingerie department in Canada. What made it fun and rewarding was the impact I had helping women find that right piece of lingerie. The piece that made them feel sexy, beautiful and most importantly confident about themselves. My biggest reward was getting women to appreciate and embrace their bodies - to find that magic piece to enhance their femininity.

A few years ago, moving to Winnipeg to be closer to my Sister, Niece, and Nephew and begin University; a new chapter began. Deep down I knew there was still more for me. More than school and work. But I just couldn’t grasp what it was.......... then I found the most amazing man. Someone who supports, encourages and challenges me to fulfill my dreams. I knew soon after I wanted to follow my dream to create my own lingerie business where women can find pieces of lingerie to highlight their own unique one of a kind beautiful self. That amazing man is my business partner in KataLinda Co., JP Madden, and what you see here is our lingerie pieces I have personally selected as classy, tasteful, sexy and great value.

Lingerie is part of our everyday wardrobe and yet at times, the topic of lingerie makes people feel uncomfortable talking about it. Lingerie or undergarments is a big part of our everyday wardrobe. I love lingerie! I love getting up in the morning and finding the pretty, comfortable bralette set in my drawer. Even though no one may see it - well maybe my partner if I choose! :). Once I put it on, it makes my morning. I feel beautiful and confident and ready to conquer the day. And coming home and slipping into a chemise and robe after a long day settles me in for the night.

My genuine desire - For Ladies To Always Love Yourself - The minute we change our perceptions we start to realize we are all beautiful inside and out! Give yourself gifts of beauty and let KataLinda guide you to your perfect pieces of lingerie.

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